AM Business Consulting

DMG has partnered with AM Business Consulting to provide business consulting services to existing and emerging businesses.

Our clients count on us to identify the best practices that will solve their most complex issues. We are known for our holistic perspective. Our Company crosses boundaries with our clients to create value.

We have extensive expertise in Business Consulting, Training and Coaching. We have built trust in taking over various businesses and managing to the prosperous battlement.

Business Areas

  • Management Consulting. Best practice models adapted to the corporate needs. Strategic plan, Development of mission, vision and values, Change management, Mergers & acquisition, Business alliance.
  • Business Process Consulting. Diagnosis of the existing processes, business process innovation, visualization of complex operational processes, identifying process owners and the responsibilities.
  • Performance Improvement. Identification of sustainable capabilities to continuously improve the performance and deliver impact. Innovative and efficient approaches to grow revenues, improve margins and reposition effectively.
  • Customer Strategy & Marketing. In-depth customer insights combined with economic and operational fundamentals. Envisaging marketing strategy and setting up the KPI’s. Evaluation of the industry and competition strategies and recommend Company’s positioning and pricing, identification of new growth opportunities.
  • Crisis Management and business continuity. Emergency plans, guides and tools. Business recovery model, Business continuity and contingency planning. Crisis leadership.
  • Human Capital. HR Strategy and Assessment, Headhunting & Talent Capital, Recruitment, Enterprise design, Employee Engagement.
  • Project Management. Project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & control. Assistance to achieve bottom-line results.
  • Service Excellence. Customer satisfaction measurement tools and techniques. Commitment to Service Excellence. Developing customer-experience vision and linking to value.
  • Range of outsourcing activities which aims expand corporate value focusing on business going forward, like marketing, project management, sales, negotiation, system operation and maintenance.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Transforming company operations to customer oriented management. Customer loyalty and personalized offers.
  • Market Assessment, Entrance and Expansion. Market Mapping and Analyses. Identification of the rivals and the stakeholders. Revealing new markets potential and entrance strategies. Global strategy formulation and approaches.
  • Quality Assurance & Control. Preventive and corrective action plan. Implementation of the international quality management standards and preparing for the 3rd party certification.
  • StartUp Business Consulting. Business strategy formation and validation. Financial and business planning and development. Investor and founder coaching and management.
  • Strategy Formulation and Development. Tailored solutions that deliver results and achieve sustained growth. Setting the organization’s objectives, assessment of the organizational environment and setting the business targets. Elaboration of the roadmap of the strategic matrix.

AM Business Consulting Method

Our methodologies are derived from our extensive experience and successes. We always deliver project on time and on budget, also assure a successful business transformation of our clients. Strategy experience and analytical expertise combined are enabling decision making and creation of value.


AM Business Consulting has extensive experience across all industries. We bring each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives from other industries on the challenge at stake, to offer our clients fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights. Our mission is to help our clients set new standards of excellence in their industries and stay on top of developing trends.

We have special expertise in the following industries:

– Consumer Products
– Retail
– Social and Public Sector
– Financial Services
– Banking
– Manufacturing
– Logistics
– Entertainment
– Technology
– Education

Meet The Team

Narine Avetisyan

Narine Avetisyan

Narine Avetisyan is an Executive Business Advisor at AM Business Advisory and a freelance management consultant for various Projects. She has broad experience in management and business consulting, training and coaching, both on the local and international scales. Narine is also a Project Implementation Consultant for Asian Development Bank where she has been working for different programs and projects within ADB portfolio, including urban and social development projects.

Prior to that, Narine worked in retail industry for more than 12 years. She has been one of the leading revolutionaries of retail industry by introducing category management and modern retail best practices within the country. Narine also took a vital role in the opening of Carrefour store in Armenia by overseeing the negotiations, marketing mix and supplier management.

Narine holds an International Master’s Degree in Business Administration and has a comprehensive portfolio of professional training courses abroad.

Karen Andreasyan

Dr. Karen Andreasyan

Dr. Karen Andreasyan studied and specialized in a number of institutions, including the Faculty of Law of Yerevan State University (Armenia), University of California Berkeley (USA), Oxford University (UK), Canadian Centre on Human Rights, Centre of European Press of the Netherlands. He served five years as an Ombudsman of Armenia as well as in a number of other Armenian state bodies, including Constitutional Court of Armenia, Yerevan Municipality, Defense Ministry.

He worked as legal and management consultant for Bar Association of Armenia (Yerevan), Civic Education Programme, Internews Armenia, Access to Information Program (Bulgaria), “Article 19” (London, UK), Open Society Justice Initiative (Budapest, Hungary), and American Bar Association (ABA ROLI). As CEO he worked in “Armenia” TV Company, the largest national broadcaster of the country.

In 2008 he founded and managed one of the leading law firms of Armenia, which successfully operates until now. Karen Andreasyan authored over twenty published scientific articles, educational manuals and other academic works.

Sona Melikyan

Sona Melikyan

Sona Melikyan has joined AM Law Firm in June 2015. She has been responsible for Public Relations and Company Promotion. Before joining AM Law Firm, she worked as an accountant at “Tandem Payments” LLC PSO Company where she was responsible for preparing balance sheets, profit and loss statement, as well as substantiating financial transactions by auditing documents.

Sona Melikyan graduated from the State Economic University of Armenia, Faculty of Management, and obtained Bachelor’s degree.