How Do We Position Your Business in Major News Outlets

We plan. We write. We bring results.

Digital Media Group has a good working relationship with journalists and bloggers from top-tier news outlets and publications. We know what type of content captures their attention and makes a news story. We don’t use press release distribution services such as Marketwire, PR Web or another comparable service to get your business mentioned in the media. We work directly with journalists that will be interested in your topic and make a pitch to them.

We offer a wide range of media outlets and premium digital publishers – general news outlets or niche-specific resources – you can select for your business feature before we start our work.

We may send you a questionnaire to answer or even set up a phone interview in order to gather more information about your brand. Your most powerful posts and messages will be transformed into a newsworthy announcement that captures journalists’ attention in a form of a special quote, expert opinion or short interview.



We will analyze your website and determine the core values your business should highlight by focusing on the next questions:

  • What do your customers need?
  • How do they interact with your business?
  • What makes them choose you over competitors?
website content

Crafting The Post

A professional writer with relevant niche expertise will create a compelling, potentially viral post or trending news item including a reference/link back to your website. The final copy would be sent for your review and we may revise it as per your request.

The content will provide accurate information and maintain the highest editorial standards for accuracy and completeness.


Creating the Buzz

As we receive your approval, our outreach team starts sending pitches to top media outlets and major news sites, covering your industry.  By taking a unique approach, we are proud to give you absolute guarantees of genuine media mentions.

That’s how we get your business and brand name mentioned in top tier publications.

Our case studies include gaining press coverage on Forbes, The Entrepreneur Magazine, Life Hacker, Mashable, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Digital Journal,, and a number of other premium publishing platforms. All the links you receive are contextual, and highly relevant to your niche which stands for targeted traffic, better search ranking and ongoing steam of customers.

You can hunt down the press and spend months on driving the attention to your business or hire us to gain impeccable results within 15 to 30 days. Time is crucial. Do not let the competition beat you out at the first lapse!