Why Small Businesses Need Content Marketing

Why Small Businesses Need Content Marketing

If you run a small business, you may wonder why so many marketing experts are telling you that you need content marketing. After all, your business may rely mostly on word of mouth, or be driven by repeat customers. You may not see how content marketing will drive your small business forward. Content marketing means creating and distributing content in form of articles that is helpful and relevant to small business’s target audience.

At Digital Media Group, we know that content marketing is an important part of industry positioning for all businesses, but that small businesses may be particularly well positioned to benefit from it. Why?

Thought Leadership

Small businesses generally serve much more niche interests than large companies. Because of this, they are ideally positioned to become The Voice of an industry. Through video-blogging, content marketing, and establishing a social media presence, they have an easier time associating their name with an audience than large companies who have to compete on a much bigger scale.

You may not revolutionize an entire industry, but you can absolutely change how your customers feel about it, and at times, that can be just as effective. For many small business owners blogging is a waste of time, however it is an opportunity to become an expert in their local field and boost their brand awareness.

Individualized Service

One of the reasons that customers opt to work with small businesses is the individualized and personalized service. Customers want to work with someone who is going to remember them from the last sale and treat them like a person, not a number.

Businesses can use their content marketing to respond to customer questions, create FAQs that address specific audience needs, or craft white papers and downloadable tools that customers can use for free. These sorts of positioning moments can be the difference between being just another option and being a customer’s destination.

As you know relevant links from authority sites are important for visibility in search engines. Content marketing and link building work together and publishing relevant content will certainly earn links back to your site.

Can small businesses afford content marketing?

In today’s market, as more and more small businesses exist on smaller and smaller margins, the real question is can you afford to leave this inexpensive but very effective option on the table? Let Digital Media Group help you establish your content marketing presence so that you can start showing your customers everything you have to offer.  Many content marketing companies claim to be the best, we don’t claim to be the best at what we do. We will leave that decision up to you and let you decide.

Budget Constraints

Overall, small businesses tend to have a much smaller marketing budget than large companies. They need to get benefit from every single dollar they spend. Setting up a website with a blog and either running that blog and social media content in-house or hiring out a freelancer to do it for them is generally both cost effective and incredibly beneficial to the business.

You might not be able to put up a splash add across a city’s public transportation network, but you can still get the word out.

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