Why You Should Choose DMG For PR and Content Marketing


Why choose Digital Media Group?

Here’s the deal: we bring incredible results no other company can get close to. Our competitors used the service and left amazed how we do it! Even SEO companies use our services to boost their reputation and online presence.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and claim a name for your services, you are at the right place.

No budget limits

We are equally delighted to help small business and global corporation. There’s no fixed minimum budget you need to have at disposal. You will choose how much you want to spend or we will create a special proposal around your budget.

Affordable rates

Let’s talk straight – we are neither business angles, nor inflating the prices. Our rates are balanced and display the value we provide. Investing in our services today, will bring you long-term profit over the course on the next few years.

We work per project

No monthly contracts or recruiting payment schemes involved. You are free to use our services whenever your business needs extra boost. There are no surprise charges, everything is discussed up front!

Guaranteed results

We have established connection with top media publishers on the web and long record of successful media placements on top tier outlets like Forbes, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Life Hacker, The Entrepreneur and the likes. No bragging, our strategy is unique and we do not charge for things we haven’t accomplished.

Better Writers

The foundations of our success are the writers – established niche experts with background in journalism, content marketing or web publishing. Most are successful entrepreneurs and run popular personal blogs in different niches.

Better content

We couldn’t secure press coverage in top media outlets, unless we aimed for less than perfect. Posts we publish perform particularly well on social media and have shown a tendency of going viral. Our writers focus on telling stories and creating valuable, insightful articles that rock the niche and set new trends.

Get your business ready in advance as you are about to face a huge wave of new customers. We will expose your business on a global scale and secure placements on massively popular media platforms. We’ll carve your road to the next league and secure you exposure on web’s most popular resources from Forbes to Inc.com. You can send us a request for the full list of publishers we currently work with.

We take a pragmatic approach – everything we do is designed to drive major exposure, long lasting traffic steam and new leads and customers.