Who We Are: Meet Our Team, History, and Mission

Digital Media Group was established in 2011 by David Nazaryan and Sam Davtyan. Prior to starting their own PR and marketing agency, they worked for several leading marketing and media companies representing global brands and small businesses. Their reputation as PR and marketing professionals began spreading by word-of-mouth among digital media companies as they began to understand what these two talented men are capable of achieving.

Digital Media Group is officially launched as a successful content marketing and digital PR agency based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Now DMG is a full-time public relations and marketing agency with locations in Salt Lake City, Utah and Yerevan, Armenia.

Since the launch of the company in 2011, we grew to 16 people and worked for many startups and multinational companies across various industries.

Because of our combined experience, we do things that large companies are not capable of doing. Once you contact us we think you will agree. Our international team gives us the language and capability to enable us to work with clients from the entire world.

As a digital marketing company, we create marketing strategies and campaigns that target the digital consumers. We combine business marketing, public relations, and digital marketing strategies to get our clients noticed. We specialize in delivering results and helping small and medium-sized businesses succeed.

Meet Our Team


David Davtyan

David Nazaryan is the co-founder of Digital Media Group. Prior to launching his own company, David worked as a contractor for numerous SEO and PR companies. He is on a mission to make every client happy, satisfied and help them to make more money.


Anna Varanchuk is our outreach specialist and she is really good at it. She works with journalists, editors and publishers from all around the world. Her responsibility is to place your business in major media outlets and drive traffic to your site or blog.


Sam Davtyan is the co-founder and marketing director of DMG. He works closely with all our clients to make sure your experience with DMG is a pleasant one and meets your expectations.



Julia Novakovich is our content writer with a Bachelor’s Degree in communication. Julia started her career as a freelance writer specializing in business communications. Now she writes about popular topics on the web that requires creative writing and editorial skills.